Dans Big Day Out to the Worlds Biggest Stop-Motion Animation Attempt 'Nokia Gulp'

Nokia kindly invited me to Wales to experience an attempt at the worlds largest Stop-motion film. They equipped me with a lovely Nokia N8 phone, to take pictures and document the event.
And yes you guessed it the Nokia N8 is the very same camera they were using to make the film.

Boy was I excited....

Day 1: 8:30am morning has broken LOL OMG!

A harsh wind swept across the dunes of the beach and stroked viciously upon my face. It was clear that today I was the spectator, mother nature the conductor and the cold relentless sea was her fierce orchestra. I sipped gently at my warm beige drink, we in england call a-cup-of-tea and took a moment to wonder at the flatness of the solid sandy ground. The day had started as a solid block of Nokia N8 was grasped within my hand, but the crane was still only at half mast.

Day 1: 8:45am a breakfast and brief

As I sat on the bench nestled within the deserted crazy golf course, a deep sense of tranquility and fresh air brushed past my soulful eyes. I sat staring out across the distant rolling sea as the polystyrene plate, that housed my delicious breakfast, leaked a tiny bit of bean juice onto my trousers. Then I was told what was going to happen today and I was content, maybe even happy. I took a high resolution picture of the ocean, so deep and misunderstood.

Day 1: 09:00am the scale of a fish

'What is scale?' she casually asked me, 'why scale is just relative, by definition it can only be defined by comparison.' I shouted, I was pleased with how quick and concise my answer was. She muttered back slowly 'good answer, what are they doing over there?'. of course I was talking to the sea... 'I'll explain' I shouted, 'all in good time'

Day 1: 10:00am the big idea

One beach
One crane
One Nokia N8 phone
Over 60 crew, sand artists and animation volunteers
A World record?

That was the big idea.

Day 1: full mast

A thick chain of cables hung like ticker tape up the long neck of the crane, at the top a Nokia phone was fixed peering down upon the sand canvas. A crowd had assembled, orders were being given with the aid of a Tannoy system and over sized props were being sorted. I looked up at a seagull hovering around the crest of the crane. 'What do you think?' I said (in my mind) to floating seagull, he made no reply but I could tell he was impressed.... so was I.

Day 1: towing the line

Lights! Nokia Camera-Phone! Action! someone shouted enthusiastically, I was waiting in the flanks to the side of the huge rectangle of carefully mapped out sand. I was lucky enough to have been given a small part of the animation process, which involved me towing a heavy block over a line drawn in the sand, so a new line could drawn ready for the next picture.

Day 32: D (done) Day

After two months of intense sitting down and pottering around my home back on dry land, I was sent a link to the finished film. The polished pearl prised from the jaws of that dirty sandy oyster I call south Wales.